Patini Bungalows

Your home at the beach of paradise...

Patini Bungalows

Patini offers a variety of pleasurable past-times which include from sports through to relaxation desires.

Leave your worries behind and relax on a sun bed in a peaceful environment.

Read a book (French, German, English and other languages) from Patini's small library, stimulate your mind with a Sudoku or choose from one of our indoor or outdoor games (for adults and children) to while away the time.

Enjoy the beautiful sea shells (including the inhabited ones) on this endless stretch of tropical beach.

Refresh yourself playing in the ocean waves.

"Surf" on the ocean waves with our body boards available on request. A real surfing beach is available at the west side of Tangalle. Please read the activities at Tangalle.

Snorkelling at Patini was possible few years ago when the sea was very calm. You can snorkel at the beach of Tangalle harbour. It is not a beautiful spot, but people saw some fishes. On the week-end and holiday, there could be a lot of locals, so better for the women to wear short and tshirt to bath. Another Tangalle spot for snorkelling (a small spot with few fishes) is at the Cactus Loung Restaurant's beach, west side of Tangalle.

These following beaches offer beautiful spots for snorkeling:

  • at Polhena, near Matara, about 1h drive from Patini.
  • at Mirissa, about 1h30 drive from Patini. You can go to watch whales in the morning and chill on the beach and snorkel in the afternoon.
  • at Unawatuna, about 1h45 drive from Patini. You can take a boat to go snorkel at nice spot...visit Galle Fort in the morning and snorkel in the afternoon or the opposite because sometimes the visibility is better in the morning.

Watch how to cook Sri Lankan food (many kinds of curries, sambol, ...) while our workers are cooking from about 10am to midday (they speak a very little english but you can watch).

Practice your mind body and soul exercises (tai-chi, meditation, yoga, etc.) in the serene atmosphere of the beach. Some yoga classes are given in a nearby hotel.

Walk along the wild beach or around the mangrove-lagoon.

Run or walk at the magical times of dawn or dusk.

Sun rise

Sun set

If you are very lucky, you might see a big turtle come to lay her eggs on the beach or see some dolphins and turtles swimming in the sea in front of Patini (once a year!).

Take a romantic trip by catamaran (typical rowing boat) or paddle yourself by kayaks/canoes on the nearby mangrove lagoon. (1h30 at 6.30am or 4/4.30pm, 1'000 to 1'500 LKR)

Go fishing lobsters with Karu, Daya's brother (only from December to March and depends on the sea conditions).

Learn about nature reading our books about Mammals, Reptiles, Trees and Mangroves.

Many scooters and bicycles are available to rent in the guesthouses nearby Patini to explore the area, the beaches, the paddy fields.

Play with one of our beach toys (bat, freesbee, body board, children sandy toys).