Patini Bungalows

Your home at the beach of paradise...


We are here to offer help and advice on making your stay in and around Patini Bungalows comfortable and rewarding. If you need any information then you can contact us through one of the manners listed below. You can write or call in English, French or Sinhala.

Many information is available throughout the pages of this website. Thank you to check them, specially availability and rates.


info (at) patinibungalows . com (please write again the address without space and with @ in the place of (at), this way of writting is to avoid spam).

Mobile phones

Please, be careful of the time difference between your country and Sri Lanka.

Séverine: +94 (0)775 40 26 79 (French, English) (8am to 8pm)

Daya: +94 (0)777 40 20 38 (Sinhala, English) (8am to 9pm)

Postal address

Patini Bungalows, Madilla Road 27, Tangalle, Sri lanka

Social Media

And you can also find us at Facebook!